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Don’t miss out on the chance to visit Raja Ampat, one of the world’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations. Famous for its majestic landscapes like Piaynemo Hill with its triangle-shaped coral islands, secluded turquoise lagoons and incredible biodiversity, Raja Ampat is a hidden paradise of Indonesia that will take your breath away.

Tucked away in the country’s far-flung easternmost corner, Raja Ampat comprises over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands. The entire peninsular spans over a total of 70,000 sq km with hidden surprises in every corner. It’s already popular with divers and nature-lovers, both on land and above water.

Exploring Raja Ampat Islands

Exploring Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat has been internationally recognized as one of the world’s best diving destinations. Thanks to its location in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the peninsular is surrounded with the highest concentration of marine and coral reef biodiversity in the world with over 550 different species of corals, 700 types of molluscs and over 1600 species of reef fish as well as several different shark species, sea turtles, manta rays, schooling fish and reef building corals.

There are multiple dive sites to explore, each with its own unique topography and appeal. Due to the peninsula’s geographical layout with islands being so isolated from one another, the best way to explore Raja Ampat is by boat, yacht or phinisi, such as Mikumba Diving’s beautiful and well-appointed phinisi, Jelajahi Laut where you’ll get all of the comforts of a luxury hotel in one stunning space that floats.

With Jelajahi Laut, we’ll take you to Raja Ampat’s most popular diving locations including Misool, Wayag and Batanta where the waters are teeming with marine life, swim with manta rays, spot a wobbegong shark or even see a whale or two on their way to the Pacific Ocean!

Exciting Activities In Raja Ampat

Not just diving and snorkelling, there are plenty of opportunities in Raja Ampat for exciting land adventures including trekking through the virgin jungles, wildlife spotting and bird watching, mountain climbing, waterfall hiking and cave spelunking. 

Birdwatching In Raja Ampat


There are more than 200 bird species in Raja Ampat, the most notable being the Cendrawasih or the Bird of Paradise which is endemic only to Batanta and Gam Islands. See if you could spot one on your journey!


The views in Raja Ampat alone is enough to make anyone fall in love. Climb to the peak in these must-visit locations: Piaynemo Hill, Wayag Island, Telaga Bintang, Kabui Bay and Harfat Jaya Peak.

Jungle Trekking

Cross river valleys, conquer hills, and trek through dense undergrowth. You might spot rare birds, animals and plants, visit remote villages and sleep to the sounds of the jungle at night.

Beach day in Raja Ampat

Beach Day

There are no shortages of virgin white sand beaches and light blue turquoise waters in Raja Ampat. Popular beaches include Mansuar Beach, Pasir Timbul, Arborek Island and Friwen Beach.

Tour Local Villages

Why not meet the friendly locals of Raja Ampat and get to know their unique way of life? You could also opt for an immersive experience at Arborek Tourism Village, or just tour the local villages along the coast. If you’re lucky, you could witness traditional ceremonies, dances and costumes.

Water Sports

At any point you can indulge in watersports from aboard Jelajahi Laut like swimming, snorkelling and stand-up paddleboarding. Just jump off the boat into the crystal clear aquamarine water and enjoy!

How To Get To Raja Ampat

How to get to Raja Ampat

There are international flights arriving at the Domine Eduard Osok Airport  (IATA: SOQ, ICAO: WASS) in Sorong, West Papua from Jakarta and Makassar and indirect flights from Bali with 1 or 2 stops. While other travellers would have to board a ferry or a boat from Sorong, we at Mikumba Diving meet our guests at the airport; our phinisi Jelajahi Laut departs directly from Sorong, which means you can immediately relax and get ready for an unforgettable adventure ahead!

Set Sail With Jelajahi Laut

Mikumba Diving Jelajahi Laut Indonesia

Jelajahi Laut is built from the ground up by experienced divers. Jelajahi Laut – which means “explore the oceans” in English – can accommodate up to 14 guests with six cabins with hot water and AC, and a large sun deck with air-conditioned dining and living rooms. All meals are included as well as fresh water, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Now that we know all about exploring Raja Ampat with Jelajahi Laut, it’s time to book a dive trip with Mikumba Diving Liveaboard. Contact us for more information or book your diving trip with Mikumba!