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As well as the famous Komodo Dragons, there are many amazing places to experience in the Komodo National Park.


As well as the beauty that lies underneath the water in the Komodo National Park, Komodo has many hidden treasures to explore. It doesn’t just stop at the famous Komodo Dragons either! Komodo has beautiful volcanoes, beaches with pink sand and wildlife that will amaze you.

At Mikumba we don’t just take you diving, we offer trips that include these natural wonders above the ocean too. Have a look at some of our schedules for our tours that include the land-based activities too.

Mikumba Diving best diving Komodo

Komodo Dragons

In addition to the world-class diving, you can explore Rinca and Komodo Islands, the only places in the world to see Komodo Dragons in the wild. This is the world’s biggest lizard, they can grow up to 3m long and have even killed humans! This massive beast is not something to mess around with, but great to witness in it’s natural habitat in Komodo National Park. On our trips we’ll visit either Rinca or Komodo, explore the islands and hopefully spot some Komodo dragons in the wild, of course with the protection of an experienced park ranger.

On these island visits you can also trek up to a stunning viewpoint overlooking the other islands of the region.

Mikumba Diving Komodo Dragons
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Amazing Island Landscape

Komodo not only has spectacular diving to offer, the iconic landscape around the national park is simply breath-taking. There are several short treks in the region with unbelievable viewpoints for sunrise and sunset.

Padar Island Hike

Padar Island has the most famous view of the region. From the majestic summit, you can spot more than ten different beaches and numerous other islands. It’s easy to reach, just a 30 minute trek up a steep hill and you’re there.

Mikumba Diving Padar Komodo
Mikumba Diving Sea Turtles
Pink Beach Komodo National Park

Pink Beach

In Komodo you can find a very unique phenomenon; a pink beach. Pink Beach gets its colour from red coral broken up into fine pieces, becoming grains of sand and giving it a slightly pink colour. Head to land and enjoy the pristine pink sand, take a quick stroll up the hill on either side of the beach to look back down along the shore or pop around the corner to take a peek at the cove.

Flying Foxes at Kalong Island

Every night, a mass migration of thousands of bats fly from the mangrove island, and head towards Flores for a night of hunting. It’s truly an amazing sight to see, a unique experience, watching the sunset sky fill with flying bats.

Flying Foxes Komodo National Park
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