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Labuan Bajo, located in the Flores Sea in central  Indonesia, is a world-renowned destination for diving and snorkelling. With its crystal-clear waters, abundant marine life, and stunning coral reefs, it’s no wonder that it’s become a popular destination for travellers. In  today’s post we’ll show you exactly what you can expect when you book a liveaboard diving experience to the Komodo National Park with Mikumba Diving!

Getting to Labuan Bajo

Getting to Labuan Bajo is relatively easy, with direct flights available from Bali, Jakarta, and other major cities in Indonesia and international flights starting in 2023. While air travel is the most convenient way to get to Labuan Bajo, there are alternative modes of transportation available for those who want to explore the Indonesian archipelago at a slower pace or seek a unique adventure where you can choose to take a ferry, or bus to Labuan Bajo from Bali.

Once you arrive in Labuan Bajo, you’ll check in to the dive centre, and get ready to board Mikumba’s Nusantara Boat, a budget friendly liveaboard that offers both a dorm cabin or sleep on deck option for the more adventurous who want to sleep under the stars. 

What to Expect on a Liveaboard

Mikumba Diving best budget liveaboard Indonesia

On a liveaboard, you can enjoy a variety of unforgettable experiences, such as incredible night diving, watching the sunrise and sunset from the boat, and exploring remote coves and uninhabited islands. You can’t do all that without chartering a vessel, especially when you’re in Labuan Bajo, Flores, which is made up of many islands.

Cruising on a liveaboard gives you access to numerous dive sites that are only accessible by boat; a convenient and comfortable way to explore these remote locations. You can also maximise your dive time as you will be based directly on the water, allowing for multiple dives per day and the ability to dive at different times of the day or night.

When you book a liveaboard diving experience through Labuan Bajo with Mikumba Diving, you’ll have only the best and most pleasant experience, headed by a team of expert dive masters and crew with the highest safety standard in place.

Sailing The Sea with Nusantara Liveaboard

Mikumba Diving Padar Komodo

One of the best ways to explore Labuan Bajo is by liveaboard boat, and Mikumba Diving have special offers for a fantastic liveaboard experience that is sure to be an unforgettable adventure. You’ll set sail aboard our boat, the Nusantara, which is named after the Indonesian archipelago. Measuring 21m long and 3m wide, it comes with a spacious diving deck at the back of the boat and a dive platform so divers can easily jump right into the water. Nusantara is also fully-equipped with a spacious dining area, a sun deck and a shaded top deck where you can rest to the rhythm of the rocking boat.

There is a dorm cabin below deck that can sleep up to eight guests with privacy curtains, a fan, light and power sockets and plenty of storage space, two bathrooms with western-style toilets and showers. There are also four more mattresses for the sleep on our covered deck option so you can see the stars. The skies are incredibly clear in this part of the world and you’ll have the ocean breeze to lull you to sleep.

In addition to accommodation, diving equipment, and transportation to and from dive sites, your package also includes your meals. All meals on Nusantara are freshly prepared by the chef onboard and are included in the price. We can also cater to all dietary needs so do let our team know in advance. Fresh fruit and snacks are provided throughout the day, along with tea, coffee and water. Soft drinks and beer are available for purchase.

Activities on the Labuan Bajo Liveaboard Trip

Manta ray photography

Cruising through Labuan Bajo on Nusantara Liveaboard is an amazing way to explore the pristine waters of Komodo National Park and its surrounding islands.

One of the activities you can do while on this trip is Island Hopping between a range of different islands, each with their own unique attractions. From the famous Komodo and Rinca Islands, home to the famous Komodo dragons, to the stunning Padar Island, with its panoramic views and pink sand beaches (only available on certain routes). The stunning landscapes and crystal clear waters of these islands will leave you in awe.

Of course, the main attraction of a liveaboard trip in Labuan Bajo is the diving and snorkelling. With some of the most diverse and colourful marine life in the world, including coral reefs, tropical fish, and even manta rays, the underwater beauty of this region is truly breathtaking. Manta Point, in particular, is a must-visit site, where you’ll have the chance to swim alongside these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

During your Liveaboard trip in Labuan Bajo, you will have the opportunity to experience all of these amazing activities while also enjoying the comfort and convenience of staying on board a boat.

Liveaboard with Mikumba Diving

Now that you know all about liveaboards in Labuan Bajo, it’s time to book a trip with Mikumba Diving. You can cruise through the islands with our boat, Nusantara, and explore the magnificent underwater world at your own pace while creating unforgettable memories. 

Contact us for more information or to book your diving trip with Mikumba!