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Fish Facts: Moray Eels

Moray eels are a firm favourite of divers, who love to encounter anything from the enormous giant moray, to the small but colourful ribbon eel.  Usually hiding in a hole or crevice during the day, they are nocturnal creatures who come out to hunt at night, when their...

Komodo Dragon and Diving Trips

One of the biggest attractions when you visit the island of Flores, is a Komodo National Park day trip. At Mikumba Diving, one of the more popular choices for a Komodo day trip is a combination of 2 dives, and a visit to see the famous dragons. It doesn’t matter if...

Expedition April 2019

It’s getting closer – we only have 3 spaces left on The Expedition on 22nd April – 10th May. We’re getting excited – are you??