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One of the most beautiful destinations in Raja Ampat, the Wayag Islands are often considered the icon and poster child of the archipelago. A cluster of 50 karst islands covered in shades of green, they seem to ‘float’ above the dazzling turquoise sea, creating an almost magical seascape that seems to be out of this world. 

Often appearing in advertisements and promotions for Raja Ampat, Wayag is a must-visit for both divers and explorers. Completely remote with no one around, it’s quite the adventure to get to Wayag, but once there, the stunning views, incredible landscapes and rich marine life underneath the waves will take your breath away.

Wayag is definitely a ‘bucket list’ destination and a major stop on Mikumba Diving’s Raja Ampat itinerary – you can look forward to sailing the waters of Raja Ampat towards Wayag with our beautiful boat, Jelajahi Laut.

What is Wayag Famous For?

Covering an area of covering a total area of 155,000 hectares, Wayag’s stunning scenery has made it famous around the world, particularly the unique karst rock formations that emerge from the crystal-clear turquoise waters, home to amazing underwater life. These formations have eroded over time by wind and water, creating dramatic shapes and cliffs that rise out of the sea, often said to resemble mushrooms. They’re all uninhabited, further adding to the sense of remoteness and a pristine environment that so many parts of Raja Ampat are known for.

Another factor that makes Wayag famous is the exceptionally clear turquoise waters surrounding the entire area. This makes it popular with snorkellers and divers. Thanks to its clarity, those visiting Wayag can even glimpse into the underwater world below from the surface, and try to spot the vibrant marine creatures darting about in their aquatic habitat.

Wayag’s rich marine biodiversity makes it a must for snorkellers and divers, with a huge variety of fish species, coral reefs, hard and soft sponges, macro life, pelagic, manta rays and even sharks.

While Wayag is famous for its stunning scenery, Raja Ampat offers a wealth of other activities for land-based explorers. Dive deeper into exploring Raja Ampat’s islands in our guide to exploring Raja Ampat islands.

Diving in Wayag Raja Ampat Indonesia

diving in wayag islands, Raja Ampat

It’s no surprise that diving is the most popular activity here in Wayag. The crystal clear and nutrient-rich waters offer fantastic visibility and an astounding variety of marine life. There are vibrant corals in all colours, shapes and sizes, and a multitude of fish species like sardines, sweetlips, barracudas, parrotfish, the elusive wobbegong shark, reef sharks, manta rays and many more.

What critters in Wayag? Keep your eyes peeled for interesting invertebrates like nudibranchs with their vivid colors, or octopus camouflaged against the reef. You might also spot crustaceans like crabs, shrimps, and lobsters scurrying around!

After exploring the underwater world of Wayag in Raja Ampat section, you might be considering your diving accommodation options. To help you decide between a liveaboard trip or a resort stay, check out our guide on liveaboard vs diving resort.

What are the Best Diving Sites in Wayag Raja Ampat Indonesia?

There are several dive sites in and around Wayag. Because it’s far from busy areas, Wayag’s underwater world is thriving and teeming with life. The closest and most popular dive site in Wayag, eagle rock is named for the eagles that swoop and soar above the jagged rock formations.

Eagle Rock is also home to the largest population of manta rays that can be found in the northern part of Raja Ampat. Get ready to see all of the manta rays coming to the ranger stations around the rocks! You might also spot the ghost pipefish and tiny pygmy seahorses amidst all of the brightly coloured tropical fish, as well as the manta rays. Another amazing dive site near Wayag would be Black Rock, an immense dive site on the west coast of Kawe Island, home to beautiful soft and hard corals, massive black corals, sweetlips and snappers, with a chance to spot mantas gliding by and sea turtles resting on the reef. At Wayag’s Gate, there are dazzling corals and manta rays.

Want to play in the water with sharks? Head to the Wayag Ranger Station where you can wade knee-deep in a bay filled with harmless, baby blacktip reef sharks.

How to Get to Wayag Island Raja Ampat?

wayag islands from above

To say that Wayag is a little out of the way would be an understatement. The area is located approximately 200 km away from Waisai, and access to Wayag typically involves an extremely long boat ride from one of the larger islands in Raja Ampat. No one lives in Wayag; there are no shops, and no public transportation, save for other tourists and adventurers.

Fortunately, if you’re sailing with Mikumba Diving, getting to Wayag or any other beautiful destination in Raja Ampat would not be an issue. Our beautiful, hardy and trusty boat, Jelajahi Laut can sail across the open water to the most hard-to-reach locations in Raja Ampat, bringing you in and out of coves and islets, narrow channels, hidden lagoons and secret beaches and more.

To get to Wayag, most travellers would have to fly to Sorong, then travel to Waisai and then to Wayag by hiring a private boat for a whole day trip, which could be costly and restrictive. 

As guests of Mikumba Diving, all you need to do is show up at our designated meeting site in Sorong, board our beautiful boat Jelajahi Laut, and relax and enjoy the view as we take you to Wayag in comfort and luxury. 

Explore Wayag Island Raja Ampat with Mikumba Diving

jelajahi laut liveaboard Indonesia

Enjoy an all-encompassing, immersive experience that combines diving with adventures as we explore all of Raja Ampat’s must-visit sites like Wayag with Mikumba Diving’s luxury mid-range liveaboard Jelajahi Laut

Built from the ground up by experienced divers, Jelajahi Laut – which means “Explore the Sea” in Indonesian – can accommodate up to 12 guests (14 guests for a full charter) with six cabins and ensuites with hot water and AC, a large sun deck with air-conditioned dining and living rooms.

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