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Komodo National Park is the largest marine park in Indonesia and one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. The park covers more than 3,800 square miles (9,500 square kilometres) of land and sea, including two islands: Komodo and Rinca Other than the habitat of Komodo Dragons, Komodo Island is also home to about 5,000 people who live in the villages scattered throughout its interior.

Dive Sites in Komodo

For diving enthusiast, here are some of Mikumba Diving’s favourite dive sites that we visit on most of our trips: 

Manta Point 

Dive in Komodo: Manta Point A popular dive site in Komodo National Park, Manta Point is located off the east  coast of Komodo island. The site can be accessed by boat or by snorkelling from shore.  Manta Point is known for its large manta ray population and offers divers an experience unlike any other in Indonesia. Manta rays are one of the largest species of fish in the world and can grow up to 7 metres (23 feet) long. They’re also very gentle creatures so don’t worry about being attacked while you’re underwater with them – they’re more interested in eating plankton than humans! Mantas are not the only marine life you’ll find here: there are also many types of coral reefs including soft corals like sea fans and hard corals such as brain corals that thrive on topographical features like rocks or sand banks which provide shelter for small fish hiding underneath them 

Batu Bolong 

Batu Bolong Dive Site Batu Bolong is another dive site in Komodo National Park, Indonesia. It’s located between Komodo and Rinca Islands.  The best time to visit Batu Bolong is during the dry season (April-October). This is when you can see a massive variety of reef fish and reef sharks there.  If you’re lucky you may also see manta rays cruising by and even dolphins sometimes. Batu Bolong is a sloping pinnacle that goes down deeper than we can dive, but there are some shallow areas where you can go snorkelling if you don’t want to dive or if it’s too deep for your level of experience. 

Crystal Rock 

Dive in Komodo: Crystal Rock This dive site is a must-see in Komodo National Park. Crystal Rock is located off the north coast of Komodo Island. Crystal Rock has an average depth of  25 metres and a maximum depth of 40 metres. The water temperature ranges between 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius) and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 Celsius). You can expect to see many different types of fish here, including barracudas, blacktip and white tip as well as grey reef sharks.  The rock formations make this an interesting place to explore while diving because they create caves where fish like to hide out during daylight hours; however, it’s also important not to touch them as doing so could damage them permanently! 

Tatawa Besar 

Tatawa Besar Dive Site Tatawa Besar is a dive site located in the Komodo National Park, which is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. This site is known for its multicoloured soft corals with a field of staghorn corals in the shallows and diverse marine life Tatawa Besar is a good place to see sharks! You may also encounter eagle rays and turtles here as well as other smaller fish species such as barracuda and jacks that inhabit these waters.

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