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Raja Ampat’s coral reef is among the most extraordinary coral reef systems on Earth, located off Indonesia’s West Papua province. For keen divers ready to explore some of the world’s premier dive sites, Raja Ampat’s coral reef makes a stunning destination under the waves. With diversity in its coral reefs, fish, and invertebrates, Raja Ampat’s coral reef is a remarkably well-preserved ecosystem that will create lasting memories when you explore it with Mikumba Diving’s Raja Ampat Liveaboard experience. Our expert guides will ensure your dive is safe, enriching, and rewarding while on the surface, you’ll enjoy unique accommodation, fantastic food & refreshments on board our luxurious vessel: Jelajahi Laut. Ready to learn more about Raja Ampat’s coral reef? Let’s dive in! 


When is the best time to visit Raja Ampat’s Coral Reef? 

Indonesia’s dry season, running from October to April, is the best time to visit Raja Ampat’s coral reef. The calm seas, clear visibility, and sunny conditions leading to warmer waters are all factors that lend themselves to a more comfortable and rewarding diving experience, when the colours of the coral and fish are at their most vibrant and manoeuvring underwater is more straightforward. 


Why is Raja Ampat’s Coral Reef so biodiverse? 

Thanks to its remote location and the low human population of the islands in the immediate area, Raja Ampat’s coral reef can maintain a relatively pristine environment untouched by destructive fishing practices, pollution, and other human-made threats. It is now considered one of the epicentres of marine biodiversity, with over 1,600 species of fish, 550 species of coral, and countless invertebrates. This ecological significance has led to several conservation initiatives in Raja Ampat and its surroundings, further strengthening the coral reef against adverse effects. These initiatives include protected areas, community-based conservation programs, and of course sustainable tourism practices, much like those offered by Mikumba Diving, including our Raja Ampat Liveaboard experience. 


What species can I expect to see when diving in Raja Ampat’s Coral Reef? 


species Raja Ampat’s Coral Reef

An incredible range of corals can be observed in Raja Ampat’s coral reef. Branching, tree-like corals, huge boulder-like specimens, corals that resemble stag’s antlers and even flat, plate-like species create a submarine landscape with an almost otherworldly quality. And that’s just the coral itself! 

Calling these corals home are a host of fish, sharks, rays, and invertebrates. From the tiniest pygmy seahorses to the majestic manta rays, a plethora of creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colours inhabit the coral reef of Raja Ampat. Expect to see eye-catching carpet sharks, the black spotted gentoo eel, the alien-like mantis shrimp, and a kaleidoscope of fish including sunfish, Napoleon fish, barracuda, and mandarin fish. 


About the Mikumba Diving Raja Ampat Liveaboard Experience 

The Jelajahi Laut is the luxurious, purpose-built diving vessel you will call home during your stay. Featuring six air-conditioned cabins, all with hot water and two with private balconies, comfortable accommodation is assured. Between dives, you’ll while away the hours, watch the sunset, and enjoy the evening breeze on the communal sun deck, a serene and spacious place to unwind, mingle, and enjoy food and drink with fellow guests. 

Several itineraries are available, including: 

Raja Ampat North (7 days/6 nights, 8 days/7 nights) 

Raja Ampat Central (7 days/6 nights, 8 days/7 nights) 

Best of Raja Ampat & Misool (10 days/9 nights) 


Are There Any Prerequisites to the Mikumba Diving Raja Ampat Liveaboard Experience? 


Raja Ampat Liveaboard Experience

Our expert team selects dive sites and times depending on the experience level of our guests, to help ensure a safe, comfortable dive that lets you focus on the exceptional sights under the waves. However, we do require you to have recent dive experience within the past six to 12 months before joining us.

The minimum requirement to dive with Mikumba Diving is Open Water Diver with at least 10 dives and the Deep Adventure Dive.  This can be taken on board or if you prefer you could also do the PADI Advanced Open Water course  

Guests require their travel insurance, personal dive insurance, and trip cancellation insurance with no exclusions for Acts of God and Force Majeure events. You must be able to present this insurance information during the booking process. About personal dive insurance: it must cover you for the depth of your certification and dive accidents including recompression treatment. Mikumba Diving can provide short-term DAN insurance for a fee.  


Ready For An Unforgettable Adventure in Raja Ampat’s Coral Reef? 

If you’re keen to immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of Raja Ampat’s coral reef, click “book with us now” at the top of the page… and get ready for the dive experience of a lifetime. Mikumba Diving looks forward to welcoming you on board the Jelajahi Laut very soon!