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Kickstart your liveaboard diving Indonesia adventure with Mikumba Diving. We offer both Komodo Diving and Raja Ampat Diving for divers, snorkellers, and travellers of all levels who want to explore Indonesia’s breathtaking underwater world, one of the earth’s richest and most diverse locations on earth. Prepare to be amazed as we take you on an unforgettable underwater journey with our liveaboard diving Indonesia in Komodo and Raja Ampat, in the heart of the Coral Triangle and home to over 70% of the world’s marine species.

You probably already know by now that Komodo and Raja Ampat are made up of hundreds of islands and dive sites; the best way to immerse yourself in these locations is by booking a liveaboard diving Indonesia experience so you can take your time exploring all of the best and hidden dive sites in Komodo and Raja Ampat with us.


Komodo & Raja Ampat Best Diving Destinations In The World

Komodo & Raja Ampat Best Diving Destinations In The World

Why are Raja Ampat and Komodo considered among the best diving spots in the world? Let us explain.

Komodo is short for Komodo National Park, a stunning location surrounding Flores Island in Indonesia’s east Nusa Tenggara region.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the few places on earth where you could witness a wide range of marine life in their natural habitat from manta rays to sharks, turtles, dolphins, and more. It’s also home to the infamous Komodo Dragon which lives on Padar and Komodo Islands within the park itself.

Meanwhile, Raja Ampat is undisputedly one of the world’s best diving destinations, outranking even the Great Barrier Reef. Thanks to its remote location in the Coral Triangle, it has the highest concentration of incredible marine and coral reef biodiversity in the world; you’ll find over 550 different species of corals, 700 types of molluscs, and over 1600 species of reef fish, all in the most beautiful and pristine turquoise water you’ll ever see.

The best way to explore both these locations would be by liveaboard, which makes perfect sense for anyone both financially, physically, and geographically. There is no other way to explore either location without a boat, a liveaboard, or some kind of over-the-water vessel; Komodo National Park encompasses 1,800 square kilometres and 29 islands including Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island, while Raja Ampat is massive – an archipelago made up of over 1,500 islands, cays, and shoals with a plethora of dive sites waiting to be explored.


Liveaboard Diving Indonesia With Mikumba Diving

Liveaboard Diving Indonesia With Mikumba Diving

Never been on a liveaboard before? Let us give you an idea of what it would be like so you can prepare.

Liveaboard diving is essentially a diving trip with a boat or a yacht which doubles as transportation and accommodation. It’s the smart, cost-efficient, and convenient way to enjoy a diving trip, especially when you have multiple dive sites to explore over a few days. The boat would give you a safe and comfortable place to rest, dine, relax, and store your diving equipment. It also means that you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay for the night, especially when you’re in between lands in a remote part of the ocean.

With a liveaboard, you could also enjoy a variety of unforgettable experiences such as night diving anytime you like, watching the sunrise and the sunset from the boat in the middle of the ocean, and exploring remote coves and unoccupied islands whenever you like. You can’t do all that without chartering a vessel, especially when you’re diving in the middle of the ocean and the nearest island is miles away!

With a liveaboard, you can access numerous dive sites that are only accessible by boat, conveniently and comfortably to explore these remote locations. You can also maximize your dive time as you will be based directly on the water allowing for multiple dives per day and the ability to dive at different times of the day or night.

Best Diving Komodo

When diving in Komodo, you’ll set sail aboard Nusantara. Measuring 21 metres long and 3 metres wide, she is fully equipped with a diving deck, a dining area, a sun deck, and a shaded top deck. The dorm below deck can sleep up to eight and is fitted with privacy curtains, a fan, light, power sockets, and plenty of storage space, and she has two bathrooms with western-style toilets and showers.

There are four more mattresses on the sleeping deck for those who wish to sleep under the stars. Our Komodo liveaboard trip includes accommodations, all meals prepared fresh daily, diving equipment, and transportation to and from dive sites.

Best Diving Raja Ampat

Sail the waters of Raja Ampat with luxurious mid-range liveaboard Jelajahi Laut. She was built from the ground up by experienced divers. Jelajahi Laut – which means “explore the oceans” in Indonesian – can accommodate up to 12 guests normally (14 with a private charter) with six cabins and ensuites with hot water and AC, a large sun deck with air-conditioned dining and living rooms. All meals are included as well as water, tea, coffee, and soft drinks. 

When Is The Ideal Time To Visit Raja Ampat For The Best Diving Adventures?

The best time of the year to dive in Raja Ampat would generally be between October and April when there is minimal rain, milder winds, calmer seas, and better visibility. Having said that, it’s important to note that Raja Ampat doesn’t have an “off” season per season so you can expect warm & sunny temperatures and amazing underwater visibility all year around.


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