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Komodo National Park day trip
One of the biggest attractions when you visit the island of Flores, is a Komodo National Park day trip. At Mikumba Diving, one of the more popular choices for a Komodo day trip is a combination of 2 dives, and a visit to see the famous dragons.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a certified diver, or completely new, you can join us for an amazing day out. When you choose Mikumba Diving to dive Komodo, a typical day on the boat would meet at around 7am, before going to the harbour to board our day trip boat “Nusantara”. You’ll have a freshly prepared breakfast, and get some briefings about the Komodo National Park, and Komodo diving. After a relaxing first dive, maybe to see the abundance of turtles and pristine coral at Siaba Besar, you can chill out on a beanbag on the sundeck for your surface interval.
Diving with Manta Ray in Komodo
Most of our guests want to dive with manta rays, so a visit to Karang Makassar or Manta Point is where you’ll do your second dive. Here you’re just going to drift along with the current, stopping at the cleaning stations, to watch and enjoy these majestic creatures gently flapping their wings effortlessly while you take as many photos as you can. These mantas are reef mantas, so are usually seen both at this dive site and Mawan, a firm favourite of our guests when they come to dive Komodo.
After the second dive, you’ll eat a freshly prepared lunch, of chicken/tofu, vegetables and rice, with plenty of delicious fruit while you cruise over to Rinca Island to visit the dragons the area is known for. So not only will you do some of the best diving in Indonesia, but you get to see the largest lizard on earth in its natural habitat. You will go on to the island, and with a guide do a trek to learn a little about these dominant predators spotting a few along the way, and seeing the deer and water buffalo they hope to make their next meal. There’s nothing to be scared of though, people have been doing these Komodo dragon and diving trips for years!
Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island
On your trek you’ll also head up to a viewpoint, to take more amazing photos of the Komodo National Park, and its stunning scenery. Once you’ve taken in the highlights, it’ll be time to walk back down to the boat, where there’ll be more snacks and some icy cold beers to enjoy for the last part of your Komodo boat trip, as you cruise back to the harbour.