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While on a diving trip to Raja Ampat with Mikumba Diving, our beautiful boat Jelajahi Laut will take you to one of Raja Ampat’s most breathtaking and remote destinations, a stunning group of islands known as the Fam Islands. If you’re a diving and nature enthusiast or an explorer looking for adventure, then the Fam Islands group will give you an incomparable rush and unimaginable wow moments like never before.

A designated Marine Protected Area (MPA), the Fam Islands are known for their beauty and are often compared to the spectacular Wayag Islands. In addition to the area’s rich biodiversity and marine life, visitors to Fam Islands can look forward to incredible dives, virgin beaches, towering rock formations, and dazzling turquoise lagoons.

Where Is Fam Islands?

The Fam Islands are situated southwest of Waigeo Island, northwest of Batanta Island, and directly adjacent to the Halmahera Sea, all within the Dampier Strait. 

Thanks to their remote location further west in the Pacific Ocean and from the rest of Raja Ampat, you’ll find some of the world’s most vibrant coral reefs here.

Spread over 700 square kilometres, the Fam Islands are largely uninhabited and have been referred to as a ‘small archipelago’ comprising three main islands with many smaller islands nearby. This would include the two largest islands – Piaynemo Island, also known as Pulau Penemu, Pulau Pam or Fam Island and the rest of the Fam Islands.

Except for Piaynemo, which is covered with lush vegetation and limestone peaks, all the other islands within the Fam Islands archipelago are small sandy cays and are densely populated with coconut palms. Here in Fam Islands, you’ll find some of Raja Ampat’s most amazing beaches with crystal-clear turquoise water.



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Piaynemo is also sometimes referred to as Pulau Penemu. Measuring 4.8 sq. km., it features a diverse topography with rolling hills, limestone cliffs, lush vegetation and a beautiful blue lagoon. One of the most intriguing features of Piaynemo Island is the cluster of karst islets at Hidden Bay, which is visible in its entirety from Piaynemo’s highest lookout point. Another amazing attraction here is Pencil Rock and of course, the dazzling underwater world and scenery. 

While at Piaynemo, you can opt to visit the nearby Rufas Island, the Turquoise Lagoon and the Star Lagoon. There’s also a hidden lake located in the south of Piaynemo!

Fam Island (Pulau Pam)

Pulau Pam or Fam Island has stunning white sand palm-fringed virgin beaches. Measuring just 7 sq. km., Pulau Pam is home to three villages, with a scenic bay on the western end and three hidden lakes, one of which is filled with crocodiles. It’s also the site of a proud cottage industry producing high-quality Raja Ampat virgin coconut oil and coconut oil soaps.

Other Pam Islands

There are many smaller and secluded islands within the Fam Islands archipelago. They are located near Piaynemo and Pulau Pam including Meos Ambower, Pulau Manaru, Andau Mkun, Pambemuk, Andau Besar, and Mios Kor. There are homestays on these tiny islands, as well as lovely untouched white sand beaches, a coconut plantation and mangrove flats, and gorgeous turquoise waters, perfect for some excellent snorkelling.

Diving & Snorkelling In Fam Islands


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Thanks to its remote and out-of-the-way location, Fam Islands is home to some of the world’s richest and most vibrant coral reefs, with the highest diversity of reef fish species known in Raja Ampat.

A survey conducted by CI and Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority in 2013 recorded 707 species of reef fish representing 238 genera and 69 families and 18 reef fish species that had never been recorded before in Raja Ampat. It’s also home to the largest land crab in the world, the Coconut Crab (Birgus latro), a protected species in Indonesia.  

According to the Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority, the waters surrounding the Fam Islands are thriving with sharks, Napoleon fish, two types of sea turtles, both species of manta rays, whales and dolphins. Dugong sightings have also been recorded. Let’s take a look at some of the dive sites around Fam Islands.

Melissa’s Garden

One of the most beautiful dive sites in Fam Islands and Raja Ampat, Melissa’s Garden features stunning hard corals and sponges lit up by sunbeams at 5 metres. There is an opportunity to view the weird and wonderful Wobbegong Shark here as well as thousands of fusiliers. Underwater photographers will find endless macro life to capture with their cameras including nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, and a vibrant array of fish species.

Batu Rufas

Another favourite here at Fam Islands, Batu Rufas features a beautiful blue lagoon on one side and a steep wall teeming with soft and hard corals, sea fans, and giant barrel sponges on the other side. Divers can enjoy a drift dive along this colourful wall. Batu Rufus is known for its relatively shallow depth, making it accessible to divers of various experience levels.

Anita’s Garden

Another stunning dive site near the Fam Islands, you can look forward to diving amongst schools of beautiful fish and unique marine life, including angelfish, ghost pipefish, mushroom coral pipefish, and wobbegong sharks.

Fam Slope

Offering an ‘easy’ dive, Fam Slope goes as far down as only 9 metres, but there are plenty to see near the surface. Among the pristine corals, you can spot cuttlefish, angelfish, and plenty of brightly coloured reef fish swimming with the gentle currents.

How To Get To Fam Islands Raja Ampat

To get to Fam Islands, most travellers would have to fly to Sorong and then travel from Sorong to Waisai and then to Fam Islands by multiple boats and ferries. As guests of Mikumba Diving, all you need to do is show up at our designated meeting site in Sorong, board our beautiful boat Jelajahi Laut, and relax and enjoy the view as we take you to Fam Islands in comfort and luxury.

Explore Fam Islands Raja Ampat With Mikumba Diving


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Enjoy an all-encompassing, immersive experience that combines diving with adventures as we explore all of Raja Ampat’s must-visit sites like Fam Islands with Mikumba Diving’s luxury mid-range liveaboard Jelajahi Laut. Built from the ground up by experienced divers, Jelajahi Laut – which means “Explore the Sea” in Indonesian – can accommodate up to 14 guests with six cabins and en-suites with hot water and AC, a large sun deck with air-conditioned dining and living rooms.

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