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Diving in Komodo

One of the reasons our guests come here to dive in Komodo is the currents, which are well known throughout the diving world, and one of the areas to get these intense currents is in the north of the park. Usually we would recommend our guests to be a little more experienced, than when diving in the central area – the currents in the north are not for the faint hearted!

There are three sites we would normally do on a Komodo National Park day trip, whether we’re going central or north, but when we choose to go to the north, the sites we choose would typically be Castle Rock, Crystal Rock and The Cauldron – aka “The Shotgun”. These three sites are on any experienced diver’s wish list when Komodo diving – Castle Rock and Crystal Rock are similar dives, pinnacle diving, where you drop out from the rock, and left the current take you on to the exposed side, where you hook on to some rock, and enjoy the show – watching the “big stuff” hunting and feeding is and exhilarating experience!

Diving adventures with Mikumba
Swim with majestic Komodo mantas
If you’ve ever wanted to dive with sharks, these two sites are great places to do so, especially just after the full moon and new moon when currents are at their strongest. Black-tips and white-tips are regularly seen, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get a visit from the grey reef shark too – not to be mistaken for the great white!

The other special site in the north that makes Komodo some of the best diving in Indonesia is The Cauldron, or The Shotgun. A gentle start, with a sloping coral reef, you head over to the canyon, to check out the busy snapper, you’ll then head across a huge bowl – the cauldron – formed by many years of current, where you get ready to exit through “the shotgun”! With the right current, you’ll shoot through the channel before ending up in a pristine coral garden hopefully spotting a few devil and manta rays.

All in all, having one of the best day trips in Komodo you could wish for.
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