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What is the best dive site in Komodo?

Adorable Komodo anemonefish

One of the most common questions we get asked is “what is the best dive site in Komodo”. 

At Mikumba Diving we operate daily dive trips in Komodo and also liveaboards in Komodo as well as dragon tours at Rinca Island so we are in a good position to answer this question.

Most people who visit Labuan Bajo for diving have done some research and want to dive Batu Bolong.  This is one of our favourite dive sites in the Komodo National Park as it’s like diving in an aquarium.  You will be amazed here – schools of giant trevallies hunting, massive sweetlips hanging out, humphead napoleon wrasse cruising around not to mention the turtles, sharks and tonnes of brightly coloured reef fish.  We go here several times a week and never get bored.

Another favourite for both our Komodo daily diving trips and our Komodo liveaboard are the manta dive sites.  Here we have two main places where there’s an excellent chance of seeing them – Manta Point which is a 2.5km drift dive along Komodo Island and Mawan where there’s a beautiful sloping reef and several manta cleaning stations.  Our guests love hanging out with these gentle giants, watching them being cleaned as they hover over the cleaning stations or swooping by with their mouths wide open feeding on plankton, if you’re very lucky you may even see them doing their mating rituals and barrel rolling along.


Mikumba Diving Manta Rays Indonesia
Majestic Komodo sea turtle

With so many different dive sites to chose from it’s hard to pick favourites but Tatawa Besar is another popular one.  It has some of the best soft corals in the Komodo National Park and is another great place to see turtles, cuttlefish and much much more.  We have even had dolphins and devil rays cruising by!

Our Komodo liveaboards are typically 2 nights and 3 days or 3 nights and 4 days but for some people this is too long so we have decided to operate it as a floating hostel which stays out in the Komodo National Park and you can book just 1 night.  Or if you’re having so much fun you can also extend you trip by as many nights as you like.

Whether you chose to join our Komodo day trip boat or our Komodo liveaboard you will not be disappointed, and we hope you will agree after diving with us that we are indeed the best dive centre in Komodo!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we talk about the best dive sites you can visit on our budget liveaboard in Raja Ampat!