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Vibrant Anemonefish in Komodo
Regal Bird of Paradise
Wakey wakey!

That’s usually the sound of our Cruise Director going for a wake up round on the boat. It’s 06.45 and the boat is softly rocking with the waves of the ocean and you know you’re about to experience the best diving in Indonesia.

The first thing we do in the morning is gather upstairs around the breakfast table to have our first dive briefing. There’s something magical about jumping into the ocean early in the morning to enjoy the marine life! During the morning dive on our budget liveaboard, our chef will prepare a big breakfast with pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and a fruit platter for us to enjoy when we come back to the dive boat.  After breakfast we get ready for our second dive at another stunning dive site in Raja Ampat.

The main routine on the boat is pretty much diving, eating, relaxing and sleeping. So after some freshly cooked lunch you have a longer surface interval where you can read a book, exchange diving memories with your buddy or take a nap.

Our dive boat is spacious and it’s perfect to just relax in a bean bag, overlooking the stunning views of Raja Ampat.

When we feel ready, it’s time to go diving again. Diving in Raja Ampat is quite unique and there’s no other place like it.  The landscape around this area is also equally amazing, some days we’ll even go on land excursions in the afternoon, there are numerous lagoons and islands to visit.

We also organize manta seminars on the boat together with Barefoot Conservation. The evenings onboard mostly consist of delicious food (both western & local favourites), sunset watching & maybe a beer or two with a game of cards.

A full day of diving usually takes its toll and the guests are often tired and will retire to bed for a good night’s sleep before doing this amazing schedule over again.

To get a detailed itinerary of our liveaboard trips, please visit www.mikumbadiving.com