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I nostri siti d’immersione a Raja Ampat sono fuori dal mondo per la loro straordinaria vita marina, i loro bellissimi coralli, mante e molto di più.


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Mikumba Diving best budget liveaboard Indonesia


Vieni con noi su Jelajahi Laut per immergerti tra i più bei siti d’immersione in Indonesia con le nostre crociere di lusso in una delle aree più belle per immergersi, Raja Ampat. Jelajahi Laut è la nostra barca da crociera lussuosa appena costruita con una selezione di incantevoli cabine, alcune con balcone privato e suite. A bordo abbiamo anche un bellissimo e vasto sun deck dove potersi rilassare guardando le onde passare o bere un drink nella brezza serale dopo delle grandi immersioni.

Oltre alla barca ad essere completamente nuova, lo è anche tutta l’attrezzatura subacquea, ma è anche fornita di tutta l’attrezzatura d’emergenza necessaria, tra cui l’ossigeno d’emergenza, GPS, radio, flares, giubbotti di salvataggio, kit di pronto soccorso e scialuppe gonfiabili d’emergenza.


Siti d’Immersione a Raja Ampat

Informazioni sui nostri siti d’immersione a Raja Ampat e dintorni, possono essere viste qui sotto sulla nostra mappa interattiva. Passa sopra il nome di qualunque sito (o cliccaci se sei su uno smarthphone), così scoprirai più nel dettaglio su dove ci immergiamo.

Raja Ampat North best diving Indonesia
Black Rock Eagle Rock Pearl Farm Jetty Channel 5

Black Rock

An immense dive site on the west coast of Kawe Island you need to do at least 2 dives here to do it justice. Typically we enter on the northwest side over a few small pinnacles covered with soft corals and sea fans, then finding the massive bushes of black corals that host schools of sweetlips and snappers. If you look out into the blue you might see the occasional manta gliding by, with marble rays in the deep and turtles having a rest on the reef.

Eagle Rock

Consisting of 3 famous islands protruding from the surface, Eagle Rock is another huge site where you can do multiple dives. With it’s stunning reefs this dive site is home to the largest population of mantas in the northern part of Raja Ampat, the main reason we dive here is to see all the mantas coming in to the cleaning stations around the rocks. A spectacular spot to dive, the visibility is crystal clear giving you the perfect place to view different types of rays and sharks. Make sure to check the reef close up too, the wonderfully camouflaged ghost pipefish and tiny pontohi pygmy seahorses can also be found here.

Pearl Farm Jetty

Located in the stunning Alyui Bay you’ll find the famous Pearl Farm. Full of critters, this site is perfect for a night dive, so before diving here, be sure to prepare your camera and macro lens for some muck diving. The underwater view of Alyui Bay lets you capture the diverse marine life like nowhere else. With plenty of different types of nudibranchs and crustaceans, lovers of muck will be in paradise!

Channel 5

Another wonderful dive in Alyui Bay, Channel #5 is a site with great swim-throughs between big rocks, with enormous schools of sweetlips and fusiliers. White tip sharks sleep under the table coral and you can also encounter dolphins, so be sure to keep an eye out for them on your safety stop.

Raja Ampat South best diving Indonesia
Blue Magic Manta Sandy & Manta Ridge Sardine Reef Chicken Reef Melissa’s Garden The Passage Cape Kri

Blue Magic

Our favourite dive site in Raja Ampat is probably Blue Magic in the middle of central Raja Ampat, just a 20 minute boat ride from Waisai.  This is the dive site where you’ll have the biggest chance of seeing Oceanic Mantas.  It’s a fairly small pinnacle, with the top being 12 metres from the surface.  On the sea bed you’ll find Wobbegong, leaf scorpion fish and other small critters like the amazing pygmy seahorse.  With a bit of current you’re pretty much guaranteed some fantastic action diving with grey reef sharks, schooling jacks, tunas, bumpheads and barracudas.  Blue Magic will never stop surprising us with it’s magic!

Manta Sandy & Manta Ridge

Manta Sandy & Manta Ridge

These are great spots to dive with the wonderfully graceful manta ray.  These majestic creatures can be observed year-round at Manta Sandy where it’s not uncommon to meet more than ten in a single dive and if you’re really lucky you might even spot the rare ‘Black Manta’.  Here there’s two options depending on what the currents are doing, Manta Sandy being perfect for beginner divers, or Manta Ridge which is only for experienced divers that feel comfortable in strong currents.

Sardine Reef

Sardine Reef, a submerged sloping coral reef should be dived in current to ensure plenty of fish life. It’s excellent for big stuff as you’ll see schools of fusiliers, rainbow runners, barracudas, sweetlips, giant trevallies, Spanish mackerel, grey reef sharks and much more. If there is current, you can get plenty of hunting action and hear underwater thunder when the small fish move fast as the tunas strike the bait ball.

Chicken Reef

Close to Blue Magic you find Chicken reef which looks like a chicken from above. With a sandy bottom at 20m, this is a great spot to find dive and find garden eels, huge schools of black snapper, fusiliers, and butterflyfish. There’s really something for everyone diver, keep your eyes open for macro life and you can find pygmy seahorses, pipefish, nudibranchs and flat wroms, and occasionally something big will swim by like mantas or grey reef sharks.

Melissa’s Garden

Melissa’s Garden is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Raja Ampat. This site has some of the most stunning hard corals, lit up by the sun beams at 5 metres, making it perfect for new divers! If you’re looking for the weirdly wonderful wobbegong shark, you have a great chance to see one here, and if you want a bit of action, pop out to the ridges which are surrounded by thousands of fusiliers.

The Passage

The Passage is one of the most unique dive sites in Raja Ampat. You jump into the small gap in between the islands of Waigeo and Gam, only 20m apart at the narrowest point, with the mangrove roots making it feel like you’re diving through a jungle river with stunning coral on the bottom. With everything from colourful nudibranchs to bumphead parrotfish it’s a truly amazing experience when the tides starts pushing the water through and it becomes almost like a rollercoaster!

Cape Kri

Cape Kri is probably the most famous site in Raja Ampat, being the dive site that holds the record for the highest number of fish species on one site – with 347 recorded in a single dive! It’s a beautiful wall with a ridge that splits the current which attracts all sorts of action from schools of tuna, barracuda and trevallies as well as the big stuff with black and white tip and grey reef sharks regularly spotted here.

Mikumba Diving best diving Misool
Farondi Fabiacet Magic Mountain Boo Window


Another beautiful dive with bumpheaads in the shallows, wall with seafans perfect for spotting those elusive bargibanti, denise, santa claus, pontohi seahorses, blue dragon nudis and their relatives, electric clam, coral cat shark, big cave at the end where you can surface and then back out to finish dive.


Fabiacet consists of 2 divesites, Nudi Rock and Tankrock, connected with ridge, slope, wall, and a dropoff at 30m, with a second reef in the southwest. This is a site where you don’t want the dive to end, one of the dive spots in Raja Ampat with the best visibility. With crystal clear water, you can discover all sorts of marine life, you’ll find huge schools of hundreds of triggerfish and bannerfish, grey reef sharks, schooling snappers, fusiliers, rainbow runners, and if you’re really lucky you can even see a hammerhead shark in the distance.

Magic Mountain

This is a submerged reef and pinnacle connected with ridge. We see everything here from oceanic and reef mantas, shark action and schoolinng fusilier, sweetlips, batfish, loads of macro (pygmys, nudis, shrimps), for advanced divers

Boo Window

One of Raja’s most famous dive sites, Boo is named for the 2 swim through holes in the rock. The biodiversity here is incredible! There’s a beautiful plateau with so many fish it’s like fish soup, tiny critters and gentle giants with stunning fans and pristine soft corals make this dive site probably the most photographed too. Octopus, banded sea kraits and a resident school of batfish are just a few of the things that make Boo truly unforgettable.

Noi siamo stati a bordo per 4 giorni e non possiamo che raccomandarlo. Immersioni fantastiche con squali, mante e tartarughe! La crew è gentilissima e super amichevole, offrendoci un servizio a 5 stelle. Si prendono cura di tutto: preparano l’attrezzatura, la trasportano per noi e provvedono a cibo e cose da bere per tutta la durata della crociera.
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