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If swimming with manta rays is on your bucket list, then be sure to add Manta Point in Komodo National Park to your collection of must-visit destinations.

Manta Point is also known as Makassar Reef and is one of the best and few places in the world where you could come face-to-face with manta rays in the wild. Manta rays flock here year-round to feed, clean themselves, and mate, thanks to the high plankton content in the nutrient-rich waters that surround Komodo National Park.

At the busiest times, if you are lucky, you can see up to 50 manta rays congregating at Manta Point – these friendly creatures feed on plankton which are abundant here, and this, combined with the relatively shallow depth of the area, makes Manta Point the perfect spot to swim, snorkel or dive with manta rays in their natural habitat within Komodo National Park.

Where Is Manta Point?

Where Is Manta Point?

Manta Point is located within the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in West Flores, east Indonesia. To get to the park, you’ll have to fly to Labuan Bajo, a booming tourist town on the main island of Flores which acts as the gateway to the park.

Manta Point itself is located in open water, approximately 3 hours sailing from Labuan Bajo harbour off the east side of Komodo Island. You won’t have to worry about the exact location when you cruise the Komodo National Park with Mikumba Diving liveaboard trips aboard Nusantara; all you have to do is fly to Labuan Bajo, join us on our liveaboard and enjoy each moment as it comes. Our expert crew members and dive guides will take care of everything else for you.

Diving in Komodo is an incredibly memorable adventure that allows you the opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the world’s most extraordinary and varied marine species. The crystal-clear waters encompassing Komodo National Park create a perfect environment for a multitude of vibrant creatures, ranging from dazzling schools of tropical fish to magnificent manta rays and the elusive dugong.

When Can You See Mantas In Komodo?

Can You See Mantas in Komodo?

Diving in Komodo National Park is great all year round but December to March would pose a higher probability for you to spot even more mantas, although you can still spot manta rays in Manta Point throughout the year. December to March is the rainy season in West Flores which means cooler temperatures and an increase in plankton which attracts even more manta rays than usual.

When diving in Manta Point, we’d recommend sinking right down to the shallow seabed and just observing as these gentle creatures glide right above you and around you. It’s an incredible experience, one that you won’t soon forget.

What Time Of Day Is Best To See Manta Rays?

You can dive with manta rays at any time throughout the day but the best time of the day to see manta rays is on a rising tide. This is when the mantas are at their most active. When the tide is rising, it creates a surge of nutrient-rich water, attracting plankton and other tiny organisms that manta rays feed on. The rising tide often brings cleaner and clearer water from the open ocean. This water clarity makes it easier to spot manta rays, even from the surface.

Meet The Mantas At Komodo National Park

Meet Mantas at Komodo National Park

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