Raja Ampat North best diving Indonesia
Black Rock Eagle Rock Pearl Farm Jetty Channel 5

Black Rock

An immense dive site on the west coast of Kawe Island you need to do at least 2 dives here to do it justice. Typically we enter on the northwest side over a few small pinnacles covered with soft corals and sea fans, then finding the massive bushes of black corals that host schools of sweetlips and snappers. If you look out into the blue you might see the occasional manta gliding by, with marble rays in the deep and turtles having a rest on the reef.

Eagle Rock

Consisting of 3 famous islands protruding from the surface, Eagle Rock is another huge site where you can do multiple dives. With it’s stunning reefs this dive site is home to the largest population of mantas in the northern part of Raja Ampat, the main reason we dive here is to see all the mantas coming in to the cleaning stations around the rocks. A spectacular spot to dive, the visibility is crystal clear giving you the perfect place to view different types of rays and sharks. Make sure to check the reef close up too, the wonderfully camouflaged ghost pipefish and tiny pontohi pygmy seahorses can also be found here.

Pearl Farm Jetty

Located in the stunning Alyui Bay you’ll find the famous Pearl Farm. Full of critters, this site is perfect for a night dive, so before diving here, be sure to prepare your camera and macro lens for some muck diving. The underwater view of Alyui Bay lets you capture the diverse marine life like nowhere else. With plenty of different types of nudibranchs and crustaceans, lovers of muck will be in paradise!

Channel 5

Another wonderful dive in Alyui Bay, Channel #5 is a site with great swim-throughs between big rocks, with enormous schools of sweetlips and fusiliers. White tip sharks sleep under the table coral and you can also encounter dolphins, so be sure to keep an eye out for them on your safety stop.