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Farondi Fabiacet Magic Mountain Boo Window


Another beautiful dive with bumpheaads in the shallows, wall with seafans perfect for spotting those elusive bargibanti, denise, santa claus, pontohi seahorses, blue dragon nudis and their relatives, electric clam, coral cat shark, big cave at the end where you can surface and then back out to finish dive.


Fabiacet consists of 2 divesites, Nudi Rock and Tankrock, connected with ridge, slope, wall, and a dropoff at 30m, with a second reef in the southwest. This is a site where you don’t want the dive to end, one of the dive spots in Raja Ampat with the best visibility. With crystal clear water, you can discover all sorts of marine life, you’ll find huge schools of hundreds of triggerfish and bannerfish, grey reef sharks, schooling snappers, fusiliers, rainbow runners, and if you’re really lucky you can even see a hammerhead shark in the distance.

Magic Mountain

This is a submerged reef and pinnacle connected with ridge. We see everything here from oceanic and reef mantas, shark action and schoolinng fusilier, sweetlips, batfish, loads of macro (pygmys, nudis, shrimps), for advanced divers

Boo Window

One of Raja’s most famous dive sites, Boo is named for the 2 swim through holes in the rock. The biodiversity here is incredible! There’s a beautiful plateau with so many fish it’s like fish soup, tiny critters and gentle giants with stunning fans and pristine soft corals make this dive site probably the most photographed too. Octopus, banded sea kraits and a resident school of batfish are just a few of the things that make Boo truly unforgettable.